Participating in BIOLATAM CHILE 2015

Leitat Chile is attending BIOLATAM with the purpose of establishing a Networking with the companies dedicated to biotechnology in Chile and to the various stakeholders of the industry, whenever Leitat Technological Center has started its operations in Chile by means of the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology (CEN), project supported by the Production Promotion Corporation (CORFO).

The event of world association of life sciences 2015 Biolatam® developed in Chile on 16 and 17 November 2015, was organized by ASEMBIO – Association of Chilean Companies of Biotechnology (under the umbrella of the mark Chile Biotech), in conjunction with ASEBIO – Association of Biotechnology Companies in Spain, that Leitat is part.

BIOLATAM Chile 2015 provided a space of encounter and observe the status of the advance of biotechnologies in both Chile and the world, by means of the participation of the various actors involved in this science as to local companies, which seek to establish collaborative ties to consolidate their innovative developments.

Latin America is one of the markets of emerging life sciences of more rapid growth. The international developers of drugs are increasingly seeking the emerging market in Latin America and their innovative capabilities within the manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and drugs, challenges that require the technological entrepreneurs and Chilean mining industry, the search for alliances of joint work with entities that have the knowledge of vanguard.

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