This project considers the creation, start-up and consolidation of a Pilot and Validation Centre for Mining Technologies (CIPTeMin), which will be based on the linking, integration and optimization of the technological infrastructure and advanced human capital of a series of actors belonging to the Chilean mining value chain and which are directly related to the fields of research, technological development, innovation, provision of services and products and management and operation of projects.

The main objective of CIPTeMin is to enable an integrated, efficient and effective network of test spaces (validation and piloting of technologies in the early stages of development), throughout seven regions of the country, which will test technologies under real operational conditions or equivalent to those found at mining sites, with duly instrumented systems to measure and verify critical parameters of the processes to be tested, with standardized test protocols.

CIPTeMin will integrate in a single network the participation of representatives of all the actors involved in the R&D&i value chain of the mining sector in Chile, from Universities throughTechnology Centres – both national and international – trade associations and suppliers, to mining companies and will focus its actions on the provision and facilitation of experimental, semi-industrial and industrial testing spaces, on a pilot scale, for the testing of all those technologies that are and will be the result of R&D initiatives generated by the actors that are part of this project and that will comply with a basic premise, i. e. that the technologies (and its applications) that will be tested in the centre and its associated technological infrastructure nodal network must always respond and be aligned with the actual needs of the mining industry in Chile to solve its productivity and innovation challenges.

Start date: 28/11/2017

End date: 28/11/2027

Contract number: 17CTIMIN-82828